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Discover the art of debating

We are Leuven Debating Society – a young, yet rapidly growing student organisation. 

Since 2014 we have been providing students with a place to learn the art of debating. We are passionate about our project, which allows people to learn how to listen, be heard, and to be convincing and friendly at the same time. 

We are hosting all kinds of events. Everybody is welcome regardless of their background or debating experience: weekly debates, workshops, tournaments, and much more.

Upcoming Events

Every Wednesday evening: weekly debate!

Where?                     MTC 00.16

When?                      Every Wednesday at 20:00

How does it work ?    

  • You do not get a topic before the event. After the motion is announced, you have 15 minutes to prepare with your teammate. Our weekly motions do not require any specific knowledge or preparation in advance.

  • We debate in English.

  • A debate usually takes max 2 hours.


For a prior explanation of our debating style you can check the section "About us" and watch this video

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