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The Leuven Debating Society is the place to be if you love the art of debating and live / study in Leuven ! We have weekly debates, workshops and many more events ! 

Of course there is more to our society then simply debating against eachother, so after each debate we always go for drinks at one of Leuven's many bars.






Upcoming Events

17th of February: opening event ! 

If you like debating or are just interested in havind political, philosophical or other discussions with people from Leuven and far beyond, or just want to improve your debating or public speaking skills, come and join us!

On monday the 17th of February the Leuven Debating Society will hold its first event of the year ! We will explain what LDS is, what kinds of events we hold, how we debate and about what we debate.

You don't need to have any previous debating experience.

When ? Monday the 17th of February, 19h

Where ? MTC 00.16

19/02: first weekly debate of the year !

On wednesday the 19th of February LDS will hold its first debate of 2020 !

In the first part of the debate we will explain the rules of our debate and everything you need to know in order to participate.

Then we will hold our fist proper debate!

Our debating format works in such a way that you don't know the topic before you come to our debate, so you can't prepare. However you are always in teams of at least 2 people, so coming up with arguments shoudn't be a problem ! Furthermore you can't chose your position in the debate, wich means that you might need to think out of the box to defend positions you don't personally believe in.

When ? 19th of February, 20h (until the debate ends, most of the time 22h - 22h30).

Where ? MTC 00.16

Every Wednesday evening: weekly debate!

Every Wednesday evening we have our weekly debates. You don't need to prepare anything for them, and no previous debating experience is required!

Where ?                     MTC 00.16 is our usual debating spot. There can be exceptions,                                     so make sure to check the FB page in advance!

When ?                       Every Wednesday starting at 20h (8 PM ) 

How does it work ?    

  • In our debating format, you don't get the topic in advance. This means that you also don't need to prepare!

  • We debate in English

  • The debate usually takes max 2 hours

  • ...


For an explanation of our debating style, you can watch this video ! 

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